Tuscan Holidays

Have you heard the phrase dolce fra niente?  It means “The Sweetness of Doing Nothing.” It’s an approach to life, an Italian way of enjoyment where you deeply experience the culture, but it can feel like as peaceful as doing nothing. Visiting Tuscany is an experience that is to be savoured, like a long meal with fresh local food and wine cultivated from the nearby fields.

My name is Isa Bianchi Benvenuti, owner of Tuscan Holidays. As your licensed tour guide, I will help you experience this sweetness during your stay. I think of my clients as friends. I work with each client in a personal way to help them craft a beautiful, unique visit to Tuscany.

I offer a handful of specific tours, carefully curated to ensure a stress-free experience of the region. Click here to explore and see if one of these tours is right for you.

I also offer a 30-minute, pre-vacation consultation. We arrange a time for a call and discuss your visit so you can take advantage of my local knowledge and advice for any detail of your trip. Following our consultation, I will email you a fact sheet, full of information about your trip including links to transportation sites, recommendations of the latest apps and my own personal suggestions for things to do. Click here to arrange your consultation.

I look forward to meeting you and helping to make your trip everything it can be.