Warm Tuscan days, pleasant nights

Summer heat has arrived. It’s a beautiful time of the year where sun splashes everywhere. In the evening, the piazzas are full as people mingle, eat outside and stay up late.

A sure sign of this heat is colorful front door protective curtains that you begin seeing. They are made with a very strong fabric that will not allow the sun to “cook” the doors. The traditional colors are yellow and white. Mine is green and white because I had to make a new one this year and was unable to find the original fabric. They last a few summers before you need a new one.

Besides protecting your doors, they help keep the heat outside during the day, which keeps the house more pleasant, especially at night.

By the way, in the picture of my curtain, you will see Pallino our cat, looking for a shady place to hide.

Enjoy your summer!

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