Visting Tuscana can be a dream come true.

A performance celebrating the great work of Puccini. The best times to visit the David in Firenze. How to see the real Pisa, and not miss the Leaning Tower. From Florence to the Cinque Terre, I offer tours and tips to help you experience the heart of Italy. Choose one of my tours below, or contact me and we’ll craft a personalized experience just for you

Lucca: Bike Tours and Walking Tours

Visit the medieval streets, including the via Fillungo, with its elegant shops, enjoy anecdotes and historical information from our treasured past. Visit the birthplace of one of Italy’s greatest composers, Giacomo Puccini, and stop at Lucca’s special Roman Amphitheater. Enjoy a stroll or ride on the famous Walls of Lucca. Click here to learn more.

Tuscan Wine Tours

Tour a beautiful property overlooking Lucca’s countryside and enjoy the skyline of Lucca. Visit this oil mill and wine cellars. Finish with an elegant wine tasting with local food. Click here to learn more.

Cinque Terre Tours

Cinque Terre is on every list of most beautiful places to visit. And this adoration is well deserved. It’s a series of towns like no other. But it’s also a very very crowded tourist destination. Our personalized guided tours can remove the stress of the visit and ensure your visits lives up to the lofty reputation. Click here to learn more.

Vacation Consultation

Take advantage of my up-to-date local knowledge of Tuscany and let me help plan your trip. We will have two phone consultations, followed by emailed ideas, links and information that will help you plan your entire stay. Contact me for more information.