Walking Lucca

Before starting our half-day walking tour, your guide will provide an overview of the lovely town of Lucca. The tour will proceed with a walk through the medieval streets, including the most important street, the via Fillungo, with its elegant shops.

As we walk along the streets of Lucca, the guide will share anecdotes and historical information. You will learn about the 19th century aqueduct that feeds the town’s fountains; the many styles of the local architecture representing centuries of history; and about the construction and defensive capabilities of Lucca’s impressive walls.

We will visit the birthplace of one of Italy’s greatest composers, Giacomo Puccini, and stop at Lucca’s special Roman Amphitheater. Lucca is famous for its many churches and we will visit two of the most important ones: the Cathedral of San Martino and the Basilica of San Frediano.  A visit will also be made to the beautiful Palazzo Mansi, which today houses a national museum. The tour ends in the main piazza of Lucca, in front of another very important church dedicated to Saint Michael.

With this tour we aim to enrich your visit to our beautiful town and we can’t wait to share its charms with you.

Walking Tour

Cost: €130,00 for 4 hours.

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Bike Tour

(The bike tour does not include bike rental cost.)
Cost: €160,00

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